January 18, 2013 Coffeehouse with Rocky Run, Pattie Perkins opens

Pattie Perkins has always loved music!  All through H.S. she sang in various choirs, performing in over 20 concerts.  As a Senior, she sang with Myron Floren, from the Lawrence Welk show.  Since then she’s sung in several community choruses.  Pattie dreamed about learning to play the guitar and has done so since raising a family.  She played her first Open Mic in 2010.  As an RN at Boston Medical Center Pattie is the only nurse in a band of doctors, residents & medical students.  Pattie’s clear soprano lends well to her choice of easy-listening 60s & 70s pop.  It’s amazing that the gift of an Oscar Schmidt guitar & 10-lessons has blossomed into 6-years-later with our SSFMC Opener – Pattie Perkins!

ROCKY RUN is a large band playing many varied acoustic instruments from fiddle to sometimes double & triple banjos!  They’ve honed their musical skills these past few years with each musician taking lead on any given song.  This band’s strong harmonies are musical candy and their taste is Bluegrass to the core.  Band leader, Carl McPhee plays guitar and banjo and will even entertain you with an original or two.   Skilled on harmonies Linda Hannigan has taken up the mandolin. Jack Meserve picks all the Cowboy songs, Karen Woodhall sings the lead and highs along with tenor John Parriott on banjo, and other members may join RR.  Nothing electric here, except – the hot, vocal blend!

Open Mic – some after Pattie, some after Rocky Run.

$7 Members, $8 Non-members     Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8:00.

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